With the rash of performance enhancing drug news recently, I’ve updated the Steroid Zone yet again.

And speaking of rashes, wouldn’t it be great if a side effect of PED use was an actual rash to an area of the body visible to all, like say, a scarlet letter A (for a-hole) to the face of the drug user. Take a dose, cheating bastard, be branded ala Mike Tyson forever and always.

Quick disclaimer number one: Cole on L.A.s The Steroid Zone makes no distinction between actually caught and punished drug cheats, those merely suspected, and others who skated on a technicality. Barry Bonds, only an alleged drug cheat, to be clear, was never suspended by his sport. Nevertheless, he’s the president of our little hair club. Rafael Palmeiro is the veep. Ryan Braun is the Secretary of Skate.

Quick disclaimer number two: Steroids, HGH, testosterone or whatever. It doesn’t matter. One zone fits all.

Quick disclaimer number three: With the exception of Bonds and Palmeiro, The Steroid Zone is not retroactive. I’m not going back through the annals (and syringe-punctured anals) of baseball to tab each and every drug cheat, because if I did, unfortunately, I’d be here forever. Similarly, baseball only.

Drug cheats, top to bottom: Alex Rodriguez, Bartolo Colon, Gio Gonzalez, Nelson Cruz, Yasmani Grandal, Melky Cabrera, Braun, Palmeiro, Bonds.

Photos are meant to show either the most unflattering image of the person available (which in the case of Colon is not difficult to accomplish) or one with the team name or logo front and center (then San Francisco Giants outfielder Cabrera above, and Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Braun below).

More as players become available. Bleepers.


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