Any speculation about the Los Angeles Dodgers trading right fielder Andre Ethier should be accompanied by the following caveats.

First and foremost, baseball agents have agendas, and if it helps to have a client’s name attached to a particular trade rumor, that’s reason enough to float the information. And second, a fair percentage of what you read about this player or that going to Team A or Team B is pure fiction.

Clubs have agendas too, of course, but if you pose a direct question to a team official, you’re likely to get a useful answer, even if some parsing may be required.’s Ken Rosenthal got the Ethier ball rolling this morning with an article entitled, “Are Dodgers shopping Andre Ethier?” In it, Rosenthal quotes “one official with knowledge of the Dodgers’ thinking” as saying, among other things, that Los Angeles has “zero intention” of trading Ethier. And depending on whom you believe Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton have no intention of running for president in 2016. Right now, today, at this very moment.

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