Raise your hand if you think what the Lakers need now is a woman at the helm. Raise both hands – not if you’re driving – if you want the better, smarter, savvier child of Jerry Buss, Jeanie, running the show.

This isn’t rocket science here, people; it’s just basketball. But Jim Buss is clearly under-qualified for the job at hand. Either that or he’s got way too much jackass in him to get out from under the mess he’s created.

And look, it’s not that the Mike D’Antoni hiring can’t work out, because it might. But not only was Phil Jackson by far the better choice, but this business of it being Phil’s-job-to-lose and it’s-95%-a-sure-thing was an unbelievably lame vibe to put out to the world. All it did was get L.A.’s hopes up, and for nothing, with millions of fans now disappointed, to say nothing of the DirecTV customers like me still pissed about being shut out.

And make no mistake, Buss and the Lakers chose to put Phil out on a limb there, so that if things ended up falling apart, they could simply pin the blame on the former coach, which is exactly what they did.

Wild reports of Jackson wanting “the moon” and an ownership stake and all manner of road trip accommodations and Staples (and hell, while we’re at it, why not the Forum too?!) were obviously floated to make Phil look bad. Instead, it’s Jim Buss who looks bad. Really bad.

Wise Laker fans know better, and if management – OK, Jim Buss – really wanted the best coach available, and clearly Phil Jackson was that person, they could’ve worked something out. And they absolutely should have.

Again, D’Antoni might be fine. I don’t think he’s got a career-first championship in him right away, but I’ll keep an open mind. On the other hand, the notion that a team – any team – would hire a coach – any coach – because his offensive scheme might work best with a 38-year-old point guard, and an already-injured one at that, well, that’s just folly.

Are there any guarantees that Steve Nash is coming back 100% as early as next week, or even next month? No. Any guarantees he’ll stay healthy once he does make it back in the lineup? No. Any guarantees he’ll be effective and injury-free at 39 next season? C’mon.

Jim Buss screwed up completely, and he deserves all the bleep he’s taking for it. Absolutely every last expletive.

The good doctor needs to take away the son’s toy and give it to his daughter. It’s time for Jeanie to cross her arms, Blink, and make it all better.

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love it and the wife did too….thanks

November 12, 2012 9:13 pm


@rotarandy thanks randy!

November 12, 2012 9:32 pm


I don’t know what the hell happened, but the whole thing seems pretty bizarre – even for the Lakers.  I wanted Phil first, then Jerry Sloan, and then even Larry Brown before D’Antoni.  Defense is important in the NBA.  Great defense can lead directly to a championship and they have the best defensive player in the league.  Maybe with Howard, Kobe, Nash, Pau, MWP etc and a couple defensive minded assistant coaches he’ll figure this thing out.  But, I’m not overly optimistic.
In Jim’s defense here, there are multiple reports that say Jerry Buss was very involved in this decision and that he, Mitch and Jim made a unanimous decision.
As for Jeanie running the whole show, well, I’m not sure she knows enough about evaluating talent or if she would even want to do it.  However, I still think she needs to be more involved in some of the decision making.  She could certainly add some much needed finesse to the current Jim Buss led management team.

November 12, 2012 11:52 pm


I don’t understand what this column has to do with the 49ers…

November 13, 2012 12:26 am


Phil seemed like the obvious choice, but given the china doll state of this lineup, I don’t think it really matters who sits in the coach’s seat. call me crazy….

November 13, 2012 5:44 am


@wesparkerinia  Make no mistake, it matters.  Even though this is an older team, they have the talent to challenge for a championship.  But, they need someone to guide them there.

November 13, 2012 12:13 pm


Commish in da house — just have to use my signature welcome.  And give a like to rotarandy — how are you my friend?  Ready for opening day?

February 20, 2013 5:09 pm

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