The great Bill Shaikin, of the Los Angeles Times, has the story about Clayton Kershaw doing his level-best to sell Cole Hamels on Los Angeles.

And damn right, Hamels would look good in blue. So props to Kersh for representing Angelinos, and Dodger fans everywhere. I say great if L.A. can get Cole as a free agent next winter, better still if it’s via midseason trade with Philadelphia. Like today, if it can be arranged.

So let the chamber-of-commerce-like pitch begin. Let’s all chip in if we can. Not with greenbacks for the Phils’ left-hander – as if we could do that – but by putting our city’s best foot forward. I’ll do my part right now, with a proclamation:

Dear Cole. Come to L.A. and I will give you the keys to this here website. Keep it Cole on L.A. or change it to Cole in L.A. Use the preposition of your choice. Or if you prefer, I’ll keep the thing going and you can post whenever you feel like it. I can pay you peanuts…or Cracker Jack. But think of the exposure!

Let’s recall, Stan Kasten told Dylan Hernandez a couple weeks ago, that while the Dodgers might not have the prospects to land the best players available come July, they certainly wouldn’t hesitate if money could do the trick. So what’s a little tampering between friends? If it gives you the competitive advantage?

Come on Dodgers. Go get yourselves a Cole. And come on Cole! Come to L.A., sign that extension of yours, and get fitted for a ring. We’d love to have you.

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