With Mason & Ireland interviewing former Kings owner Bruce McNall on their KSPN radio show yesterday, what came to mind immediately for me was a brilliant Law & Order episode from season 7.

For a cast refresher, that was the second of Benjamin Bratt’s four seasons, and the first of Carey Lowell’s two years on the show. “Survivor” aired October 23, 1996, with special guest star Karen Allen giving a simply breathtaking performance as an art restorer and suspect in the murder of a rare coin dealer.

I thought it was a sure Emmy-winner for Allen at the time, and remember being disappointed when she didn’t receive a nomination, with the Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series eventually going to Amanda Plummer, for The Outer Limits.

No Emmy for Karen Allen, but the episode is available on Netflix, and it’s absolutely worth watching, even without the Bruce McNall-based fraud plot, which is as good an example of “ripped-from-the-headlines” as anything Dick Wolf ever produced.

The wealthy coin collector character is played by Michael Willis, and the similarities to McNall go well beyond the physical appearance of the actor below. I’m not going to give it away. Just go rent the episode.

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